Virtual Faxing

Virtual Faxing – A cloud-based faxing solution for the digital age!

Faxing might sound like outdated technology to the younger members of the workforce. However there are still many organisation that rely on faxing for document sharing (especially in legal, healthcare, and government industries) So how can you maintain faxing functionality while freeing yourself from the physical resource burdens that traditional faxing entails?

Virtual fax (also known as “online fax”, “electronic fax” or “eFax”) is a modern solution to the dilemma of faxing in an increasingly electronic world. Virtual fax allows you to upload electronic documents to an online fax portal, which converts and securely sends the documents to the required fax number. Incoming faxes will be sent as electronic attachments to your selected email address.

Virtual Faxing

Below are six benefits for switching to a virtual faxing service:

1. Cost

The cost of an actual fax machine and its up keep of toner, paper, repair and maintenance. You also won’t need to pay for a dedicated phone line for faxing, since virtual fax uses the Internet. Fax machines automatically print out every incoming fax, even if its spam, which leads to a lot of waste of resources and money.

2. Location Flexibility

With virtual fax you can send or receive faxes from anywhere in the world that has Internet, since incoming faxes go straight to your email inbox or can be uploaded to send. So if you’re working from home for the day or are out of the office on a business trip, you can still have immediate access to any important documents that might be faxed your way.

3. Increased Time Management

Virtual faxing means no more waiting by the office fax machine for it to print or send or the possibility of delays from a malfunctioning machine. Incoming faxes are available in your email inbox and outgoing faxes can be uploaded electronically with the click of a mouse from your computer. You can send the same fax to multiple fax numbers at the same time, and can have incoming faxes be received by multiple people in an email distribution list. No more re-feeding the document into the machine.

4. Going Green

Virtual fax sends incoming faxes to your email, so there’s no need for printing documents unless you need a physical copy for some reason. Which means you will reduce the amount of paper and toner that get sent to a landfill.

5. Greater Security

Virtual fax is more secure than traditional fax, since documents with sensitive information will never sit out in the open on the fax machine. Files are encrypted during sending and when you receive a fax, it will only be accessible by whoever has access to the chosen email address.

6. Ease of Recordkeeping

Storing faxes is easier with virtual fax since you can electronically sort and file documents directly from your email, instead of maintaining bulky physical files or having to scan in physical faxes for electronic storage. You can also view a log of incoming and outgoing faxes on your fax portal.

Thinking About Switching to Virtual Fax?

If you think your business could benefit from a virtual fax service, talk to us!

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