HR Automation for Small Businesses

In small to medium sized businesses, the Human Resources (HR) department can be comprised of a small team or run by just one person who also has other responsibilities in the business. For example, they may also handle training, processing expenses, payroll and other administrative tasks. That’s why automating the HR process is vital in the small business environment. The productivity gained from automation in a small to medium sized business has a greater impact because of fewer resources and smaller budgets.

There is massive potential in saving time and cost for organisations who effectively automate repeatable processes.

HR Automation for Small Businesses

HR automation technology digitises:

Applicant Tracking:

  • Manages communication between HR, the hiring manager and the applicant
  • Provides automated email notifications of next steps throughout the hiring process


  • Provides web forms that pre-fill all other onbaording documents, so new employees only has to provide basic information once
  • Manages everything an employee needs to begin working on their first day. For example: IT access, furniture & IT equipment.

Performance Management:

  • Digitises the employee review process, automates appraisal reminders, confirms review completion and sets dates for the next review
  • Automates appraisal sign-off and archiving

Holiday Requests:

  • Routes holiday requests to the correct manager via web form submission
  • Automatically emails the employee with the holiday approval or decline
  • Provides updates to accrued employee balances


  • Starts the separation process by emailing instructions for scheduling an exit interview, returning company property and other tasks the employee must complete
  • Syncs employee documents with updated status
  • Sets record retention dates in the document management system

Small businesses still need to streamline workflows and be efficient, especially when it comes to HR.

Office automation has many benefits for a small human resources departments. The digital transformation frees HR by reducing time spent on routine administrative tasks and allows them to focus on what matters most – hiring talented people, effective onboarding, measuring and improving employee satisfaction and in many small business cases the other role they have in the company.

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