Changes to Office 365 are coming

Microsoft have announced changes to Office 365 that will affect customers scanning to email through Office 365 servers. Effective 1st of October 2022, machines scanning through Office 365 may stop working unless configuration changes are made prior to the cut-off date.

Please note we have identified this is affecting customers since June 2022.

What is Microsoft Changing?
BASIC AUTH is an authentication method that has been available for many years. Microsoft announced they will be turning off this method for more secure methods in October 2022.
Microsoft Quote: “Basic Authentication is an outdated industry standard, and threats posed by Basic Auth have only increased in the time since we originally announced we were making this change. The original announcement was titled ‘Improving Security – Together’ and that’s never been truer than it is now. We need to work together to improve security. We take our role in that statement seriously, and our end goal is turning off Basic Auth for all our customers. But every day Basic Auth remains enabled in your tenant, your data is at risk, and so your role is to get your clients and apps off Basic Auth, move them to stronger and better options, and then secure your tenant, before we do.”

What is BASIC AUTH and how does it affect Copiers?
BASIC AUTH is essentially the process of using a username and password to authenticate to a server. In the case of scanning to email through Office 365, BASIC AUTH is using someone’s email account in the copier to send scans from. Unfortunately, if your copier is using this method, it will stop scanning in October. However, there are other methods for scanning to email through Office 365 that can be incorporated.

You may need to involve your IT provider to help you with these changes. You will need to know particular settings to your organisation’s Office 365 and how to login to your copier to update the settings. Do not leave it too late, you can make these changes at any stage and therefore won’t be interrupted come October.

The easiest method for ensuring continued use, is to use your Office 365 MX Endpoint. Microsoft have created their own guide for how to setup Office 365 for this method and if you are enlisting the help of your IT provider, there are some links below explaining why the change is necessary and how to implement it.

To update your copier please use the following settings:

SMTP Server NameYour Office365 MX Endpoint
SMTP Port Number25
Authentication ProtocolOff
SMTP SecurityEither Off or “Start TLS”
Sender AddressAny email address from your domain, including addresses that don’t have a mailbox.