Yealink W79P DECT

The Yealink W79P is a high-performance SIP cordless phone system, which can register 10 handsets, and keep stable in complicated and harsh locations.
Yealink W73H DECT Feature Image

Yealink W73H DECT

Yealink W73H DECT also combines optimized dialpad layout and belt clip for a more portable and easy-to-use mobile working experience.
Yealink W73P DECT Feature Image

Yealink W73P DECT

Yealink W73P DECT embraces upgraded hardware, acoustic algorithm, as well as enhanced computing capacity and signal strength, providing faster response and HD audio with exceptional clarity and stability even in the poor network conditions. And especially for the workers of complex environments, the system also delivers noise-free conversations with larger volume.